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Create your business dress shirts exclusively cut according to your personal unique body measurements. Enjoy a large choice of high quality fabrics selected among the top italian weavers. Just add some ultimate "tailor" options like collars removable stiffeners, mother of pearl buttons, monogram embroidery, and much more.

Customize your custom dress shirts as a Fashion Designer! Select your trendy fabrics (Liberty flowers,...) and start designing your shirt adding the latest fashionable options: high collar 3 buttons, collars and cuffs colour contrasted, colourful buttons and buttonholes, exclusive monogram,...

World first: Design your ultimate custom ARTY Shirt.. Create your own Arty shirts with drawings and patterns from the art scene - paintings: from colourful, sensational, graffiti to pop art. Choose from several paintworks created !

Design your tuxedo dress shirts cut according to your body measurements . Make your choice out of luxury black and white fabrics and add Black Tie features: wing collar, smoking button, pleated plastron or blind placket, monogram embroidery, ...Start now!