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What is a burgundy shirt?

Burgundy (colour) Burgundyis a deep shade of red. It is named after Burgundy wine. This wine is named after the Burgundy region of France.

Bordeaux fashion. Whether it is clothing, shoes, accessories or various lifestyle products; bordeaux has not been forgotten for years as a color from the worldwide fashion image. Bordeaux fashion stands for a warm and stylish look where both fashionable ladies and trendy gentlemen feel at home.

At Bivolino you can design a lot of nice bordeaux shirts in the web shop, where it always stands out how good burgundy can be combined with many other current fashion colors. The color bordeaux derives its name from the color of the wine produced in and around the French town of Bordeaux. Instead of the name bordeaux you also regularly come across the name burgundy .

Bordeaux fashion: an excellent basis for a trendy look! Bordeaux fashion is well reflected in clothing, wine red shirts and blouses that belong in a pleasant casual outfit. But even with a neatly neat business choice, you can do more than excellent with Bordeaux fashion and make an indelible professional impression on business associates and colleagues.

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Bordeaux fashion in the form of elegant shirts and blouses, come into their own with sturdy jeans, fancy jackets and blazers, various types of shoes and accessories. Colors that do well in combination with Bordeaux fashion include anthracite gray, black, beige and white.

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