Corporate Uniform Shirts

Corporate Uniform Shirts

Shirts and blouses printed with your logo

Any company or organization that has regularly commercial personal contact with B2B customers is worried about its appearance.

A uniform

, stylish for your employees ensures a good first impression. Bivolino has a wide choice of dressed shirts and blouses with a professional touch. All shirts and blouses in our offer can be printed or embroidered with a personal signature. For example, your logo and company name.

Iron-free shirts and mix qualities

Iron-free shirts, an utopia? Absolutely not. We have a wide range of such shirts. This is very practical for professionals looking for quality clothing that stands out and are easy to wash and to iron. Either 100% cotton, or polyester cotton blend.
Easy ironing, also for industrial washing.
Shirts with an embroidery of your choice
For shirts, a nice
still looks the most beautiful, but printing is also possible. In both cases, accurate work is guaranteed at Bivolino. Both elegant ladies shirts and fashionable men’s shirts are part of our range. You also have a lot of customization choices:
  • shirts with short sleeves or long sleeves
  • With or without chest pocket
  • In heavy or light cotton (ideal for catering, businesses – open doors days and other occasions)


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