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Micro prints men shirts

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Donato - red stripe CONTRAST Microprint SHIRT

100% cotton, striped contrast Microprint shirt, round barrel cuffs and retro classic soft collar

PRIMA -Lila herringbone SHIRT contrast Microprint

cotton twofold lila herringbone shirt, with contrast microprint round barrel adjustable cuff and tetro classic soft- no bones -(2.2inch pointlength) collar

crosia - microprint shirt with blue contrast

Microprint, 100% cotton shirt, contrast angle mitered 2buttons cuffs and Windsor Italian 2buttons collar

BEFFI - microprint shirt with contrast Liberty in collar and sleeves

Microprint, 100% cotton shirt, contrast Liberty in Square piping( contrast) cuffs and Windsor italian double collar

CAGLI -WHITE TWOFOLD SHIRT contrast Microprint

White twofold shirt, with contrast microprint in double French (with tab) cuff and Roma double button down collar

SELVA -Blue pinpoint SHIRT contrast Microprint

100% cotton Blue pinpoint shirt, with contrast microprint in Napoli Cocktail 2buttons double french turnback-V cuff and Windsor italian double collar
Micro Prints
Italian slim fit woven shirt with


in pure cotton for softness and breathability, finished with a French button closure. The shirt with

printed mini-designs

remains trendy. Usually made of luscious high-quality cotton, printed by
Italian exclusive fabric
specialists. The small prints are versatile and are inspired by tie designs;

dots, paisleys, geometric designs

. Go out and brighten up your wardrobe with some micro prints. Prints have been trending among the fashion elite since 2012, with the designs moving away from (now tacky) large animal prints, to smaller floral and now smaller again we are in the era of the micro-print and it's only now that these prints are suitable for shirt design. There is a reason why plain shirts sell best and it's because we like to accessorise with pattern ties and pocket squares. Too much print is a big no no, print on print is a struggle to get right and often ends up too garish. However with the micro print being subtle and discrete, it opens up new possibilities.  

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