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Made To Measure Service: the biometric shirt Made To Measure Service is unique and uses the patented biometric sizing technology for the right fit and sizing. offers this Made To Measure Service since 1998 and was the world’s first internet pioneer for this customization Service.

Discover our innovative biometric technology for your made to measure shirt

The made to measure service is one of a kind as it uses biometric sizing technology called LINOSOFT. This innovative technology guarantees a second skin effect, taking into account your weight, height, age and your collar size. The biometric technology will then automaticly calculate the arm length. No more need for a tape measure; you can create and order your custom-fit shirts in 5 minutes!


Take a look at the video below how you can start designing your own shirts.

Have fun designing!

Your first made to measure shirt? Try-Out Shirt new customer for £35

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