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What is an oversized shirt?

What exactly means the term 'oversized' and how you can best wear oversized garments.

Definition of oversized: In the product information we use the following terms to describe the fit (the silhouette) of the garment. "Slimfit" means a close, figure-fitting fit. "Relaxed" mean slightly floated. In practice, garments with a relaxed fit are not close at the waist. We use the term 'Loose' when the garment is floating at the chest or waist. 'Oversized' is the most spacious fit of all. Think of: slouch, volume and less structure. An oversized fit is the most fashion forward and edgy fit of all four.

How do you wear oversized? We find an oversized fit to work best in outerwear. Think of oversized blouses, oversized shirts, sweaters and cardigans. Then it's all about balancing the proportions. Make sure the other garments are connected. Balance the oversized silhouette with connected bottom pieces such as tight pencil skirts, ultimate skinny jeans and slim cut trousers.

Buying oversized shirts and long shirts online?

Oversized shirt with organic cotton, casual shirt to order online. On-trend with long-fits and oversized shirts.

Long shirts for tall men. As a tall man it can sometimes be difficult to find a well-fitting shirt. In many cases the shirts are not long enough or the sleeves of the shirts are too short.

Designing oversized made to measure shirts online?