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Big and Tall - Plus Size

big and tall

Large sized men’s shirts

Large sizes of men's shirts are possible up to 24 inch collarsize. You are looking for shirts in big sizes.

Big and tall shirts

. Bivolino shirts are available in all sizes.

Large size shirts

simple and reliable online ordering. It can sometimes be difficult for men to find matching big sizes shirts. Here you will find all shirts available in the larger neck sizes and this up to 24 inch. You buy shirts with a larger collar size simple and trusted online.
Plus size long sleeved casual shirts
Shirts especially in "a big size" are also featured as 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL to 9XL. Also, all shirts with extra long sleeves can be used, specially for
tall man
. These include length sizes, for example sleeve length7, with the back length of the shirt being adjusted.
Plus Size Menswear and XXL-Shirts
A shirt is always chosen based on the neck size. For example, if you have a size of 20 inch, you always ask for shirt with neck size 20 inch in a store (and they will usually be good). Men's shirts have one criterion that actually determines all sizes, also for men who need large sizes: the size of the collar. Your collar size is actually measured down the collarband neck circumference.
Extra-long shirts
Choosing the correct size of the collar ensures that the collar closes well to the neck and is not too tight or loose. Make sure you know your sizes in advance to make the right choice. If you wear a tie often, it is important that you have enough space between the collar and the neck (0.5 inch): after a long day you can breathe well. A little extra space is then wise.
For women's blouses, Bivolino offers you a range of sizes up to blouse size 21(6XL). Large sizes for ladies blouses are available online and all sizes.