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Shirts Extra Long Sleeves

At Bivolino, any shirt for men can be produced in the desired and best fitting sleeve length.
We distinguish 5 sleevelenghts:
-         Shirts with a shorter longer arm or sleeve. The length of sleeves is 60 cm. This is 5 cm shorter than the standard arm length of 65 cm.
-         Shirts with a standard arm length have sleeves of 65 cm.
-         Shirts with a longer sleeve have a length of 69cm.

Shirts with an extra longer sleeve

have a length of 72cm.
-         Shirts with an 2X-longer sleeve have a length of 82cm.
For the US and UK, we’ll express in inches as follow:
                  - 2inch shorter sleeves
                  - Standard sleeve length
                  - 2inch

longer sleeves

                  - 3inch

extra long sleeves

                  - 7inch extra extra long sleeves (2X-sleeves)
In the UK, sleeve length is often measured incl the shoulder width starting 34inch upto 40inch.
For longer sleeves, +2inch.
shirt sleeve length
Shirts with extra long sleeves tall men
. Long in the arms and body get a more comfortable fitting shirt extra sleeve.You'll find the widest range of extra long sleeve and body shirts products online. Our
extra long sleeved shirts
enable customers with long arms to elegantly show a glimpse of their cuffs under the suit jacket.