Everybody designer on new online shirt platform

2018-09-10 13:49:02

Bivolino, the Limburg manufacturer of tailored shirts, let everyone create their own designs on their online platform. Using a 3D configurator, everyone can design their own shirts and make them available at Bivolino.

Open platform for designs

Bivolino has been selling custom-made shirts for twenty years now, using a patented biometric measuring technology and sells it purely online. Orders are produced within two weeks in workshops in mainly Romania and Tunisia, after which the Hasselt company delivers approximately 17,000 shirts to 6,500 customers per year.

There are already 400 fabrics and millions of different options available, but there are still endless new options: Bivolino opens its platform and launches a new webshop, on which everyone can upload designs, writes De Standaard: both individual customers and influencers can create and sell their own design via the platform with the the 3D configurator. Designers receive five percent commission on orders from their work. A shirt costs an average of 85 euros.

"And of course they can boost their sales via Instagram or other social media. In this way we create a win-win relationship: it is good for the platform vendors and for Bivolino ", says manager Michel Byvoet in the newspaper.

No returns, no overstock

With the launch, Bivolino is responding to the retail trends of hyperpersonalization, crowdsourcing and the evolution from B2C to (B2) C2C. By betting on an online platform and 'made to order' it has a small ecological footprint: the Limburgers thus avoid return shipments and have no unsold stocks. "If the customer is still dissatisfied, a second shirt with adjusted sizes will be sent for free", adds Byvoet. "The first shirt can be kept by the customer."

Bivolino is also a micro-multinational: the company only has seven employees in Hasselt, but does deliver in seven countries and also makes its maturing technology available to large, international retailers such as Amazon, Marks & Spencer and the Otto group.