Is your nomination for Best Dressed Man still to be found? Do you have style, but are you not yet a style icon? Then it might be time for an upgrade of your style. What is needed for this? First of all insight into what your natural clothing style is, and which way you want. Style advice for men. We describe the different style types and give concrete style tips on how to create a certain style. Follow this clothing advice and you are the man with style in no time.



Taste like Style

Just like taste, style is personal. The last thing we want is for our loyal followers to be dressed as a kind of uniformity. Although we want to show a clear vision of men's fashion to inspire you, we look at every outfit to suit the customer. We do not believe in 'hot or not'. Your style is special and unique because it reflects your character. The most important thing is that you discover your style and also develop it.

The basic rule is that you should never feel trapped in a style. Change and experimentation are good. Just pay attention, only if you change something will it be a compliment. Moreover, there is a good chance that you are a mixture between two, three or even four styles. Your clothing style can also depend on the situation.

To show that you can have different styles, see the pictures below of different clothing styles. We will now briefly describe the different styles and give tips on how to create this style.

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Style type 1: Smart

The smart look contains many influences of business clothing. This is also called 'tailored', or made by the tailor. Often, a jacket, trouser or just a Bivolino shirt are a part of this look. The smart look runs from full suit to smart casual, a combination of business and casual. The smart casual look has influences from the suit (jacket, trousers, shirt) combined with more casual items (jeans, chinos, pullover). You come across the smart look a lot in business. Where many service professions ask for a suit, many entrepreneurs wear the smart casual look. Also on TV you come across the smart look a lot, think of the news readers and analysts at studio sports. But you can also opt for this look outside your work. This look is masculine and exudes success.

How do I make my style more smart?

The basis of the smart look is actually a nice shirt. This is a shirt with a fierce interlining collar. Combine the shirt with jeans and possibly a (wool) pullover. Or with a chino and cardigan. Another tip is to wear a jacket (jacket) more often. A jacket is also nice on a colored chino and denim shirt for example. You can also make your look smart by wearing clean, leather or suede shoes with a matching belt.

Style type 2: Robust

The robust look contains influences from the outdoor and working world. With this look it looks like you are just from the battlefield or from the factory (and that's pretty sexy). Materials such as denim (jeans fabric), sturdy cotton and leather play the main role. Furthermore, cool garments are often washed off or worn out, which creates a worn look. You can also find army influences in this look, such as garments with army prints.

The rugged look is very popular in Belgium, but also in Scandinavian countries and Italy. A well worn pair of jeans with leather boots and checkered shirt is a typically tough look. The jeans shirt is also incredibly popular. Double denim can very well in the tough look.

How do I make my style more robust?

Choose products in basic colors, such as black, brown and khaki. Provide enough denim and chambray in your closet, both shirts and trousers. Furthermore, a flannel checkered shirt is a good basic. Boots and a leather jacket and you can handle the world.

Style type 3: Classy

The classic look contains influences from England and America. It is a neat look, combined with sporty details. A familiar classic look is a khaki chino, checked shirt with button down and lambswool pullover. The classic look is timeless and remains important and innovative in the fashion image. 'Preppy' and 'Dandy' are classic and yet completely hip. We have never been a fan of garments with screaming back numbers, but a beautiful checked jacket is always a success.

How do I make my Classy style?

Good basics for the classic look are a wool pullover, a casual jacket, a checked shirt and khaki chinos. Color is often used in this look. A red or green sweater can therefore be very good. Furthermore, much work is done with layers in this look. Think of a shirt with a sweater and a jacket.

Style type 4: Creative

The flamboyant man is open to color, prints and trends. He does not mind to stand out a bit and likes to receive compliments. This look contains shirts with beautiful (graphic) prints, colored chinos and jackets. The flamboyant man picks items from different styles and combines it to a new look. Eclectic is the buzzword for this look. Accessories are also important for this look, from brightly colored belts to scarves with prints.

How do I make my look more creative?

Choose a shirt with a special print like paisley, flowers or a graphic print. This season we have advantaged shirts with palm trees or watermelons. Also a sweater in a bright color does well, think pink, purple or bright green. Try a striking accessory such as a bracelet or scarf.


Style type 5: Contemporary

The minimalist style comes from Scandinavia. Started as a trend, but now a fixed style that men have. Characteristic of the minimalist style are sober, neutral colors such as white, khaki, gray and black. Furthermore, the design of the garments is basic, with few details. A pair of jeans is a pair of jeans, a white shirt is a white shirt, without any fuss. The material of a garment is important. In this style you prefer to wear natural materials such as wool, linen and cotton. Also perfect for the Gatsby look. Smoking Black-Tie Shirts.

How do I make my look more contemporary?

Typical items from the minimalist look: a shirt with small collar, gray skinny jeans and black slim fit jacket. Color can, but only solid and combined with neutral colors. Leave behind accessories and heavy prints, less is more!


Style type 6: Sporty

The sporty look uses details from the sports world. Think of comfortable, airy materials such as jogging and pique (the fabric of polo). But also technical delights such as waterproof zippers and coats with coatings. Known items that make your look sportier are a good T-shirt, hoodie, polo and sweater. But also the trendy sweatpants are now present in the streets. The real smart sporty look is still a jacket combined with a beautiful shirt.

How do I make my look sportier?

Do you prefer to walk in your sweatpants? Good news: sportwear is in! Choose garments made of materials with stretch, such as jersey and piqué. Colors like gray, black and white do well in this look. Choose products with technical details such as coatings, cords with rubber finishes or zippers.


For which occasion do you need a shirt?


Do you need a shirt outfit for Casual Friday, Business Work, Travel Holiday, Party Chic, Weekend, Resto & Friends, Club or outside? For nightlife, indoors or in the garden?

Which Shirts fabric patterns do you like?


There is a choice between diagonal, large checks, small checks, flowers, vertical stripes and microprints ... but is much more like jacquard effects, chiné and bouclé patterns.

What would you never wear?


Indeed, men usually know for their shirts what they absolutely do not want: a chest pocket, large checks, a flashy logo, button down, removable bones, white cuffs and white collars, contrast in cuffs and collars, a pink shirt ?!

My favorite accessories: choice!


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