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Style Advice - Boxer Shorts Men

Boxer shorts and Boxers for Men

There are two ways wearing a boxer shorts. You have men wearing wide boxer shorts and men who like a tight boxershorts. But every man wears underwear!


has to be comfortable. Nowadays, a boxer is no longer boring, but a very fashionable item. Your boxer short should therefore be well above your trousers band. Show what kind of funny and trendy boxer shorts you wear and complete your outfit in this way.

Funny Boxer Shorts

Every man has some boxershorts in his closet, some plain basic boxer shorts. But nowadays a boxer shorts can also be best seen and even funny. For example, men's underwear is available in all designs with flashy colors and eye-catching designs. Whoever says boxer shorts are just boring items, have not taken a look at Bivolino's funny boxer shorts that you can compose yourself. You can also mix designs and contrast the band. Vibrant colors with motifs of bright pink cherries, carrots or flowers make boxers a sweet addition to your underwear outfit. The boxer is made of 100 percent cotton and is designed with a loose, relaxed fit.
Boxers as a gift
Boxers for Men. Boxer shorts are the most popular form of men's underwear. Style Advice: do not wear a loose boxer during the gym because it will creep along the thighs. A boxer is a great Father's Day, Christmas and
Valentine’s gift
Why are boxers shorts so expensive?
men’s boxershort
is currently a true fashion trend. Quite some fabric consumption and 18 sewing minutes makes men's boxer shorts expensive. But as a man, you would like to pay a little more for a comfortable sitting stylish boxer shirt with a colorful and funny design? The stylish men's boxer shorts are available online in the Bivolino webshop. Whether you are looking for a colorful item or a straight short, in the shop there is always a perfect boxer shorts for every man.
Shirt recycled in a Boxer Short?
At Bivolino you can return a non-fitting shirt from which a €19,- boxer is manufactured.

From the accessories collection https://www.bivolino.com/en/accessories-boxer-shorts