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Shirt Buy Advice

Shirt Buy Advice  

When buying an unknown brand in the store, it is wise to use a "match" to see if the fit is correct: the cuffs should fit a jacket . The shirt must be seen one inch out of the jacket sleeve. But in cases such as last-minute or tax-free shopping , be aware , it can go wrong! - It is wise to know two measurements: the size of the collar and the length of the arms. Do you have 'extra long sleeve?
Men are getting bigger
The collar is currently indicated with

casual shirts


XS, S, M, L, XL or XL and XXL

, which stand for Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large or Extra Extra Large. Moreover, there are more and more brands that offer

bigger sizes

, as men grow in Western Europe. The classical collar measurement system is indicated in centimeters ( from 36 upto 60cm) on the European continent and in the UK and US in inches( from 14 upto 24inch).
Quality of the shirt
When purchasing a shirt, it is possible to evaluate quality by looking at the following:

- Has the collar been correctly stitched and looks like you think it should?

- Does the pattern is alligned for stripes and checkes?

In the past, a good shirt could be recognized on extras, such as an embroidered monogram on the chest pocket, adjustable two buttons cuffs, a button on the sleeve facing and perfectly matching front panels.
Too tight collar
Never buy a shirt of which the collar is too tight. (Especially for older men, the neck will often hang over the collar). But do also never buy a shirt with a collar too wide, because wrinkle will appear. Nowadays there are more and more shirts in which the flat collars (that are collars that have been smoothly folded) have been cut out deeper. With such brands, the size is often indicated as: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
Buttons come loose?
Check or make sure the buttons are well fixed. With still a lot of shirts, buttons fall too quickly. If the manufacturer does not bother to fix his buttons properly, do not buy such a product. Manufacturers are often loyal to their quality standard. Researchers have shown that the average man is loyal to brands. If you like a shirt, buy a few more. But never buy a pile of shirts from one particular brand without ever trying out.
Customized shirts
If you do not succeed in buying a ready-made shirt, you can of course also design your own shirt. There are a lot of men who are very happy to buy made to measure shirts. Prices of a custom-made shirt is affordable today, certainly online. There are a lot of manufacturers where a shirt can be made on order within a couple of weeks. You must wait 10 days for your favorite shirt to be delivered. But that belongs to the charms of the old tailoring box in a new jacket.