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Style Advice - Bivolino Shirt Quality

Top Class, so is Bivolino and so you are!

Features for the

Bivolino Shirt

1. Bivolino.com is your 24 to 24h accessible 


2. Squirrel: the guarantee on a perfect cut. Embroidered on each Bivolino Shirt, standard on the sleeve facing. Our unique signature.
3. Double stitchingto strengthen the collar set up.
4. Modern collar shapes with the finest interlining for a perfect fit and a beautiful collar opening.

Two-Piece collarwhich is fully interlined and painstakingly constructed using a dozen separate components.
5. Sleeve single needle ‘ French seam’ flat stitched shirts ensures strong and firm finish.

Single-Needle tailoring

reduces seam puckering to produce a flat, clean finish.

French seams

are strangely translating as 
couture anglaise
. Conversely, only one thread is visible on the more refined French seam because the other is inside the shirt. The tailor sews a first row of stitches inside the shirt (right side in) and folds it in to sew the second stitch on the outside. This is what makes the French seam assembly so delicate, characterized (and easily recognized) by the small “bump” it leaves along the fabric.
6. Shoulder seam: single needle, decorative stitch at 0.5 inch.
7. Side seam: twin thread
double stitched seams
. Simply put, double stitching is done by simultaneously threading two needles into two superimposed fabrics.
8. Chest pocket with your embroidered initials. Monogram possible with 6 characters, 4 colors and 3 fonts.
9. Four-hole buttons for solid fixing. Unbreakable buttons.

10. Stitched front placket, double stitched for more firmness.

11. Last buttonhole, horizontal for better freedom of movement.Ultimate purist detail: the last buttonhole is sewn on horizontally to avoid tensing the buttonhole seams inside the trousers.
12. Spare buttons, discreetly applied at the bottom of the hem.
13. Hem : rounded seam with flat finishing. Hem gussets strengthen the side seams.
14. Matching patterns - checks and stripes on pockets , front closure and cuffs.The pocket pattern is harmonious with the shirt pattern, making it almost invisible. No Misalignment under the armscye
15. Button: Extra small button on sleeve facing. Sleeve facing or sleeve gauntlets keep the sleeve above the cuff closed.Using an under and over gauntlet, they sandwich the sleeve firmly together, to prevent gaping.
16. Adjustable cuffs: provides more space and comfort on the wrist. Eg adjustable for watches.
17. Sewing: 17 stitches per inch for a fine finish.
18. Optional backdarts for slim fit Bivolino shirts.