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- For men, measurements are defined by height, collar size, weight, age and fit choice.

Men’s Shirts

are produced with your measurements and delivered within 10 days, available in all sizes, in different fits, and with

adjusted sleeve length

  • for men’s height between 4feet-11inch and 7feet-0.5inch (or 1.5 and 2.15 mt);
  • men shirts collar size between 14inch-XS and 23.5inch-9XL (or 36cm-XS and 60cm-9XL ;
  • for men’s weight between 99lbs-7.1stone and 364lbs-26stone (or 45 et 165 kg) ;
  • for men between 16 and 100 years.
  • Men shirts with 5 different sleeve lengths:

                   - 2inch shorter sleeves

                   - Standard sleeve length

                   - 2inch longer sleeves

                   - 3inch extra long sleeves (X-sleeves)

                   - 7inch extra extra long sleeves (2X-sleeves)

                    The sleeve length and shirt length is automatically adjusted.

                Sleeve sizes

  • Men shirts in 4 fits:

    Comfort( L), Regular( M), Slim Fit( S) and Super Slim Fit( XS)


- All men shirts are customizable with choices; simple or French cuffs, with or without pocket , short or long sleeves.

- For women, measurements are defined by blouse-size, height, weight, age, Bra-Cup size, sleeve length, waist, hips and fit choice. The ladies blouses are produced with your sizes and delivered within 10 days, available in all sizes , in different fits:

  • ladies shirts with blouse size between 6-XXS and 26-9XL (per2) for UK , or 34-XXS and 54-6XL for EU;
  • for women’s height between 4feet-11inch and 6feet-7inch, (or 1.5 and 2 mt);
  • for women’s weight between 99lbs-7.1stone and 331lbs-23.6stone, (or 45 and 150 kg) ;
  • for women between 16 and 100 years.
  • Bra-Cup size is the combination of figure and letter, ex 34C
  • blouses with adjusted sleeve length
  • blouses with adjusted waist and hips
  • ladies blouses in 3 fits:

                        - Anastasia slim fit

                        - Georgia loose fit

                        - Racilla Princes slim fit


- Through the
, you can create and
customize made to measure shirts and blouses
. The

Bivolino Biometric sizing technology

guarantees a perfect fit (Height, Weight, Age). You can also define your individual body measurements (= Full Tailored).

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