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Fully tailored sizes – Tailor Corner - Bespoke men shirts

Biometric Sizing Technology

Hold the tape measure around the neck, where the collar should be. Do not pull to tight.

Sleeve Length Sleeve Length                                                         

Measure along a slightly folded arm between the sleeve-seam and the cuff's end.

Shoulder Schouder                                                                   

Measuring has to follow the front shoulder-seam between the collar and the sleeve-seam.

chest chest                                                                 

Leave the arms hanging down. Put the tape
measure horizontally on the level of the armpit.
Do not pull to tight.

Belly Belly                                                               

Place the tape measure where the belly is the largest. Do not pull to tight.

Waist Waist                                                             

Place the tape measure just above the belt of the trouser

The Arm The Arm                                                             

Measure around the arm at the level of the upper arm of a slightly folded arm.

The wrist The wrist                                                          

Measure around the wrist, straight on the skin

The backlength The backlength                                                         

The back lenght will be measured between the collar-border-seam and the desired length.







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