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Big and Tall Shirt- Plus Size

big and tall shirt
Biometric Sizing Technology

Large sized men’s shirts

Large sizes of men's shirts are possible up to 24 inch collarsize. You are looking for shirts in big sizes.

Big and tall shirts

. Bivolino shirts are available in all sizes.

Large size shirts

simple and reliable online ordering. It can sometimes be difficult for men to find matching big sizes shirts. Here you will find all shirts available in the larger neck sizes and this up to 24 inch. You buy shirts with a larger collar size simple and trusted online.
Plus size long sleeved casual shirts
Shirts especially in "a big size" are also featured as 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL to 9XL. Also, all shirts with extra long sleeves can be used, specially for
tall man
. These include length sizes, for example sleeve length7, with the back length of the shirt being adjusted.
Plus Size Menswear and XXL-Shirts
A shirt is always chosen based on the neck size. For example, if you have a size of 20 inch, you always ask for shirt with neck size 20 inch in a store (and they will usually be good). Men's shirts have one criterion that actually determines all sizes, also for men who need large sizes: the size of the collar. Your collar size is actually measured down the collarband neck circumference.
Extra-long shirts
Choosing the correct size of the collar ensures that the collar closes well to the neck and is not too tight or loose. Make sure you know your sizes in advance to make the right choice. If you wear a tie often, it is important that you have enough space between the collar and the neck (0.5 inch): after a long day you can breathe well. A little extra space is then wise.
For women's blouses, Bivolino offers you a range of sizes up to blouse size 21(6XL). Large sizes for ladies blouses are available online and all sizes.

As a man with taste, you want to dress stylishly in the latest fashions, but have little time for shopping. If that’s you, our eShop for XXL menswear is the place for you. Here you will find business and casual shirts quickly and easily, which will have you looking smart, whatever your size. Our online offering for plus size men has something for everyone. Our made to measure shirts features exceptional quality, comfortable cuts and perfect fits. As a leading outfitter for stylish XXL menswear, we have a comprehensive range of special and plus sizes. There are plenty of reasons why you should shop online at Bivolino BIG AND TALL. Our online shop for XXL menswear is open around the clock.

Professional life comes with its own fashion requirements. If elegant shirts are part of your everyday life, just like cufflinks, there is one thing you cannot do without: A classic plus size business shirt.
Your are used to a certain style in your business attire. Your daily clothing style is characterised by elegant plus size suits. A well-fitting shirt in your size is essential to complete the overall appearance.
At Bivolino BIG AND TALL you can choose also for bespoke and made to measure. The designs feature popular collar shapes like Kent, button-down or shark. The plus size business shirts from Bivolino BIG AND TALL are made from carefully selected yarns. They come in a comfortable straight cut, i.e. they are not tailored, and many of them are simply wash & wear. As specialists for men's fashion in big and tall sizes, we also care about the small details.

Other than for the smaller collar sizes, we have plus size collars made a little lower. We want to make sure that men with shorter necks feel good in their shirt and tie.

You have to look presentable in the business world: A business shirt is a must-have essential along with a smart suit and a matching tie. Premium-quality shirts help to create a professional look for any business man. Classic business shirts come in a variety of different fabrics. These include easy-care or wash & wear varieties, as well as men's business shirts made of pure cotton as well as high-grade Oxford and two-ply fabric. Anyone wearing an exquisite business suit should pair it with a classic business shirt featuring a Kent collar. A sporty button-down collar is better suited to a casual combination of jeans and a sports coat.

Tall men who are looking for suitable sizes will find a variety of tall sized business shirts in our extra tall shop. These shirts have a sleeve length of 72 cm and a longer torso area than standard business shirts. The shirts are also a much better fit for men who are 1.90 m and taller.

We have a wide range of business shirts by various different qualities: Everything from wash & wear shirts, city shirts, business shirts, textured shirts or Oxford shirts in tall sizes – our online shop offers a variety of different shirts in plus sizes.
It doesn't matter if you are a young professional looking for your first business outfit or a senior manager interested in exquisite and comfortable shirts – our online shop has everything you need if you are looking for menswear in plus sizes . We are experts in premium tall sized business shirts made of high-quality materials that can be worn for any occasion.

Bivolino BIG AND TALL is your specialist for menswear in plus sizes and tall sizes . Our online shop is available around the clock, 24 hours a day. Shopping from the comfort of your own home or on the go. Using your mobile phone, iPad or computer – it is very easy to shop online with Bivolino BIG AND TALL.

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