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Traveling Tailor - Workshops, network and incentive Events – Corporate Benefit

Business Workshops bespoke shirts

Bivolino regularly organizes workshops in which you, together with family, friends, colleagues and business associates, set up your own unique shirt in a cozy atmosphere. During the workshops each participant designs his own made to measure shirt, which results in a unique experience; creating your own shirt.

Our master tailor measures 10 body measurements; you determine fabric choice and style options! You will also receive information about your BMI (Body Mass Index) and some health tips.

You receive color and style advice: our color consultant-tailor determines the color that suits you best.

Under the guidance of our experienced traveling tailors, we take you through all the steps that a real designer also takes when putting together a shirt. You can complete all steps according to your own wishes. That way you really get an unique design. The quality of the shirts is unrivaled. The workshops can take place on location; mobile tailors at Bivolino!

Traveling Tailor

Enjoy personal highlights ... the bespoke gift

Personal highlights in life you celebrate with family and your best friends. Often with a beautiful event a special shirt or tailor-made blouse is a gift. The design of these shirts and blouses takes place during a workshop on location. Bivolino ensures that your best friends, your year-old friends, your sports friends, your family or the witnesses of your wedding will have an unforgettable afternoon / evening.

After the workshop your designs will be forwarded to the production and everyone will receive his shirt or blouse within 2 weeks.

An experience with which you capture beautiful moments!

Bespoke Traveling Master Tailor

Surprise business relations or workforce in a new way ... incentive Events stimulate teambuiling!

Would you like to surprise your clients or employees in a different way? During a pleasant evening, at your location, this unique experience together with your employees. You not only give your relations a unique evening with enough opportunity to network, you also give them a unique gift. A nice incentive!

After 2 weeks they get a high quality and unique shirt that they have peronally built. This guarantees a top-of-mind position.

The workshops last an average of 2 hours, 10 minutes per person. We can organize the workshops at your location.

Traveling Tailor

Different events - Network evening

In addition to the workshops for friends, family, colleagues, employees and business relations, we also organize workshops for networkers; a network event "new style". In addition to putting together your own shirt, you also meet new contacts.
The workshops of Bivolino are known for their cozy atmosphere, an experience and enterprising. These core feelings are also central to this workshop. Bivolino offers you this new style of networking.

Workshop bespoke shirts, animated by our master tailor. Our traveling tailor is ready for you!