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Face masks Covid-19 Coronavirus


The self-sewn Corona protective mask in shirt fabrics are washable at high settings. The mask has a soft feel and comfort thanks to soft cotton fabrics.

Face masks are used in the fight against the coronavirus. Mouth masks offer protection for two groups of people:
Patient protection
Protection of the caregiver and other persons caring for patients It is important that masks are reserved for these two groups.
Good basic hygiene remains the most important thing to protect yourself and others. Be sure to follow recommendations such as staying home as much as possible when you don't need to work, and always keep a foot and a half away from others. This is the best remedy to stay healthy yourself and to prevent the spread of the virus.
What protection?
There are different types of masks. We list them briefly and explain what protection they give and who best uses them.
a) Surgical masks
Surgical masks are used by:

  • Care providers and care staff in a hospital, a nursing and care home or in home nursing. 
  • Healthcare personnel who themselves have mild symptoms of a respiratory infection but without a fever. 
  • Healthcare personnel who treat or transport potential or confirmed COVID-19 patients. 
  • Patients who may or may be infected with COVID-19 to protect their environment.

b) FFP2 / FFP3 masks
FFP2 and FFP3 masks are used by caregivers and guidance personnel who are in close contact with patients suspected or likely to be infected with COVID-19. These masks should be discarded immediately after treatment of the patient as the mask is usually contaminated afterwards.
These masks, when worn properly, fit snugly around the nose and face to filter out all air inhaled. The correct use of these masks requires training and they are quite difficult to breathe.
c) Homemade face masks
Homemade fabric masks are not medical masks and do not offer the same protection as surgical masks.
Patients who may or may be infected with COVID-19 and are self-isolated at home can use these homemade masks if they do not have surgical masks in the home. Wearing a homemade mask gives limited protection to their housemates and those who care for them. It is important that these homemade masks are washed at 60 ° daily.
Strictly follow the recommendations. This is the best way to protect yourself and others:

  • Stay at home when you are not working. 
  • Wash your hands regularly and touch your face as little as possible.
  • Always keep one and a half meters away from others outdoors.

Prices: `£25 / 5 pieces (VAT incl), can be ordered in 100% cotton fabric BEDFORD dobby blue with filter-3-layer in end-on-end MIXA white. No extra transport costs when ordered together with the shirts. To be settled separately by bank transfer.