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Fabric that resists stains and perspiration- INDUO



INDUO®, the shirt fabric that resists stains and perspiration.

INDUO® is a patented fabric that resists stains and perspiration. This can be achieved by combining two qualities: repellency and breathability. In order to do this, the cotton is modified to its core, spun and woven according to a process developed as a result of two years of intensive research in the European Center of Innovative Textiles (CETI). Confident about its technology, INDUO® decided to guarantee the performance of its fabrics. More information: 


fabric properties, how does it work, explanation about repellence, explanation about breathability. This is a patented technology.  INDUO® fabric is made of cotton. Its special properties can be explained by the combination of two qualities:

1. Repellency 

The fabric is hydrophobic and lipophobic and thus repels liquids

2. Breathability

The cotton helps disperse perspiration to prevent underarm rings and the odors often associated with them.

Amazingly, these characteristics change nothing in the fabric’s hand and actually make it more appealing to the touch.


Composition: 100% cotton

Structure: twill

Season: 4 seasons

Care: machine wash

Technology: INDUO® technology 

All components are certified : OKEO-TEX® & REACH 

Thread count warp (Ne): 100/2

Thread count weft (Ne): 100/2

Width (inches): 57-58

Weight (g.m2): 114-120


INDUO® fabric is very easy to care for: it can be machine-washed, will dry rapidly and can be ironed in the traditional way.

1. To remove a spot

Pour water on it so liquid spots can be driven off the fabric’s surface

2. To make ironing easier

Generously spray water on the fabric before ironing it to smooth out the creases.

From the collection https://www.bivolino.com/en/mens-shirts-online/italian-2ply