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Whoever puts on a shirt makes a choice. First, between sweater, suit or shirt. Secondly in shape, color and design. But there are more colors and patterns that can be explained in semi-semiotic ways.

White shirts

White – The most common shirt color; historically it has dominated the scene and was initially the only choice for a gentleman. The lack of color on a man’s collar and cuffs signified he did not have to do dirty work; colored shirts were looked upon with suspicion as it was assumed they were colored to hide stains. To this day, white still reigns as the most formal color, and its popularity has safely placed it among the iconic garments a man can wear. Where ever you may be, a man can safely assume a white shirt will never be out of place.
Red shirts
For example, Garibaldi, who with his men in red shirts went to Italy, very well, stood for passion and strength. Physical effort makes many people turn red. But red, that is how all road signs teach us, is also a danger. So beware of a too strong impression with a red shirt!

Black shirts

ave, like brown shirts, a loaded history. Black is the color of sin, decay, but also respect and mourning. Who wants to stand by a dramatic gesture goes dressed in black.
Gray shirts h6. Gray is not white and not black. And with that somewhat insipid, but hard to disprove statement, you indicate precisely the communication factor of gray: safe and modest, mediocre. The saying 'Silent waters have deep grounds' also seems to apply to gray. The color gray is often referred to as that of the mysterious.

Blue shirts

Blue, partly under the influence of the various blue waves that have engulfed us (from the Mao jackets to the many, many bluejeans variants) has been elevated to a kind of honesty color for the masses. In the Middle Ages, blue was the color of loyalty. Blue – Blue’s dominance has more to do with its ability to compliment most men’s complexions rather than heritage. The popularity of blue exploded in the United States as more and more off-the-rack manufactures looked for colors and patterns that would sell. Today the color firmly holds a place as a safe alternative to white. And unfortunately, this is often the extent of the variety found in a man’s dress shirt collection.
Brown shirts. Brown has always been the color of the people. Brown was a cheap dye, matching the
Other Shirt Colors – Pink, gold, lavender, off-white, forest green, and even red, just a few of the multitude of colors available to the man who is willing to walk a different path. Whether these colors dominate the dress shirt, or highlight the pattern woven into it, they can compliment every complexion out there. And with less than 10% of the shirt wearing population even dabbling into these shades, the man who masters wearing them can easily set himself apart in a room of like dressed men.


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