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What is an off-white shirt?

Wedding shirt: You are looking for a "wedding shirt" because you are getting married! Exciting. Marriage is one of the most beautiful days of your life. Wedding shirts are often off-white or ecru for the groom (better contrast with clothing and for photography). Match the color and style of your wedding shirt to the bride's wedding dress.

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The color of the wedding shirt: écru or ivory (off white)? Écru is the color for wedding shirts and white often the color for the dress of the ladies, but what do these colors mean and why do not you wear white? The shirt of the groom is generally tailored to the clothing of the bride. As a groom it is therefore important to take into account the color of the wedding dress. She determines the style in which the groom dresses: often this is the color ivory and ecru. Solid fabrics or airy during the wedding? Beautiful fabrics for a wedding shirt are a Fine Twill, Heavy Twill or Oxford weave, and this in champagne color.

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Ecru gives a better contrast: with other clothing and especially for photography. The color of the shirt is adapted to the color of the wedding dress. The wedding dress is generally white. A plain white shirt is therefore not recommended: because of the contrast, the dress of the bride faded. Often a right choice is an off-white or ecru wedding shirt. The light cream color fits better with the white dress of the bride, and makes her stand out better.

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