What is an ecru shirt?

Ecru shirts from the best brands for men. The choice of the color of a shirt is very personal. Shirts with the main color ecru (or also off-white or beige). An ecru shirt is ideal for both business and casual wear & for weddings and weddings. is a trusted online store for buying "ecru shirts". Only the best ecru shirts of the highest quality. Find the perfect shirt in the color ecru.

Ecru is the color of substances in an unbleached state: in other words, the natural color. Ecru comes from the French word écru, which literally means 'pure' or 'unbleached'.

Buying Ecru shirts online?

Every man should have an ecru shirt. Ecru is a pure and neutral color and can be combined with almost any color of clothing. An ecru shirt always gives a fresh and clean look. Ecru is the color indication that falls under the heading of off-white.

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