What is a purple shirt?

The color purple is used a lot in royal houses over the centuries. Purple is also associated with luxury, style and wealth. In addition, it is a color that is seen as spiritual and that is associated with vision, truth and wisdom. The color is uplifting and calming and can stimulate creativity. Associations on purple are intuition, decisiveness, guidance, counseling and mediation. Purple is blue and red or red and blue. Purple is royal, imperial but also a cabinet. The color purple is magical, mystical and cruel. Purple is the color of mourning and death but purple is also creative and sensitive.

Purple is fashion, luxury but purple is especially feminine and passionate. Purple in shirts - Purple color in Fashion. With purple you show creativity, individuality and strength. When you want to emphasize your own style and personality, purple is a good color. But, dark purple colors can also appear threatening or distant. It is therefore very much the occasion which color purple you choose. Dark purple colors are more businesslike and distant. Light purple colors are feminine and friendly. Purple in festive shirts has a luxurious and magical look. Purple is seen as a feminine color, especially the colors purple that go more towards red (earthy).

Buy purple shirts online?

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Design purple shirts online?

Purple is seen as a luxurious color and was formerly worn a lot in combination with gold by people of nobility. Nowadays, a purple shirt is still stylish and luxurious. A purple tailored shirt suits both formal and informal conditions and still gives a kind of sense of class.

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