What is a yellow shirt?

Yellow shirts from the best brands for men. The choice of the color of a shirt is very personal. A yellow shirt is ideal for both business and casual wear. is a trusted online store for buying "yellow shirts". Only the best yellow shirts of the highest quality.

Yellow: The color of the sun is a cheerful, striking color that stimulates the brain, thinking process and nervous system. Yellow is associated with energy, sun, spring, summer, a new beginning, life enjoyment and happiness. This color is cheerful and positive. Yellow gives focus and focus. Through the stimulation of the brain, the color stands for knowledge, wisdom and maturity, but also for creativity and imagination. Positive associations with yellow are a feeling of happiness, warmth, joy and joy.

But beware, yellow also has its negative associations. Think for example of jealousy, unreliability, betrayal and cowardice. Staying in a predominantly yellow space makes you restless, you quickly lose your patience. With yellow you can make good accents, so it is often used in advertisements with offers.

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Mustard, canary, ocher or vanilla: yellow is the fashion color of 2018. Also for men's shirts? Was it red and pink last year, this year we have to shrink in yellow. At least, if we have to believe the big fashion brands. But are we ready for this bright color, and how does one wear yellow shirts?

At Versace and Balenciaga it was already spotted on the catwalk and also in stores such as H & M and Vero Moda it hangs: yellow. According to experts, the sunny color is the fashion color of 2018, both for men and for women.


But do we think so in the Netherlands and Belgium? "The well-known expression is: yellow comes into the sale", says color expert Marijke Boudeling. "We like it, but once in the fitting room we are not satisfied."

Marijke thinks that the sober attitude of the Dutch makes 'we' do not like yellow so much. "With yellow you really stand above ground level, you stand out immediately, so it may not be that much worn in the Netherlands." "When it comes to yellow, we often think we should be a bit brown for it, so after the summer we will not wear it". But everyone can wear yellow according to Marijke. If you choose the right shade. "If you are pale and blond, you can better take vanilla than canary yellow". "Based on your skin and hair color, you can also opt for corn, ocher or vanilla yellow shirts, for example."

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