What is a red shirt?

Red shirts exude self-confidence. Red remains in fashion..

Red shirts from the best brands for men. The choice of the color of a shirt is very personal and red is no exception. A red shirt or red blouse is ideal for both business and casual wear. A trusted online store for buying "red shirts". Only the best red shirts of the highest quality. This way you will always find the perfect red shirt.

Red is a primary color in the additive color system. In the subtractive color system it is a secondary color. It is the complementary color of cyan. It is the hue with the most powerful symbolism. If a language has names for colors, there is always a name for red below. Red light is at the end of the light spectrum that can still be seen by the human eye. The wavelength of red light is about 700 nanometers. Colors with even lower frequencies can not be seen by humans, but by some animals, among them are mainly insects. These colors are called infrared.

Red is for aggressive men and for not so young men who want to come across as youthful. Red is officially a fashion color for a high-tech fashion audience and for fashionistas. Red is perfect for giving color to gloomy winter days. Red is perfect for a party or a night out. But red can also be classy enough for the office. And red is totally fun as a shirt, for a pair of jeans!

Buying red shirts online?

Tomato' , these 2 colorshades are the top2 favorites for red shirts. But in fact all red shades for shirts can be worn. Take a look at the street style photos and get inspired. Red is a top color for shirts, available online.

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