What is a khaki shirt?

Khaki is a yellow-brown earth color and also the name of textile fabric in that gray-yellow color, such as cotton. The word is taken from English, which khaki in turn derived from Hindustani and Urdu and is originally from Persian, in which language khak literally means 'dust, earth'. The British-Indian army wore khaki-colored uniforms.

The military uniforms of many countries were more olive green (brown-green) from the first half of the twentieth century than the earlier brownish (sand-colored) khaki uniforms as originally worn by the British Indian army. In many European countries, this greener color was also called kaki. The color is used by many armies all over the world, as well as in the hunt and for example the scouts. In areas with a temperate climate, brown-green shades integrate well with the natural colors of soil and vegetation, which makes khaki suitable for camouflage shirts.

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