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 Slim Fit

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Slim fit shirts 

have a tight fit and close to the body. Fashionable, tailored smart fit shirts for slim men. At Bivolino you will find "slim fit shirts", best fit with perfect cut. A truly "slim fit shirt" is made to ensure a very correct and fitting fit. Slim Fit shirt eyes slightly slim: a beautiful slim fit shirt of a luxurious fabric makes you stand out in the mass. A Slimfit shirt means that the shirt has a slim, slightly tight fit. Also, make sure you have some space left (3 inch) around your waist so you can keep moving. Fitted shirts have a sexy look. A 
smart fit shirt 
is stylish and fashionable.
We have made the purchase of made to measure shirts as easy as possible. All shirts are available in 4 fits: comfort fit, regular fit, slim fit and super slim fit. The following widths are applied:

                   - Comfort fit: 20% more width

                   - Regular fit: 15% more width

                   - Slim fit: 15% more width with 2 backsdarts

                   - Super Slim fit: 10% more width with 2 backsdarts

Our range includes the best shirts available in all fits.

Tight fit shirts and slim-fitted shirts

For fancy smart fit shirt wearers, the sleek slim fit shirt is a popular garment that lets you personalize your look. A beautiful white or blue well-cut shirt is popular for fashionable men."The slim fit shirts for gentlemen are great!"
What is a Slim Fit shirt?
A smart fit shirt is a shirt that is very fitting. 

Italian shirts 

often have a Slim Fit. If you have built something fatter or sturdier, a shirt with a slim fit may be just too bold. But maybe you have a very well trained body and is such a smart fit shirt just super tight. But usually it's the case that if you're something fatter or stronger, you better not try smart fit. A smart fit shirt is quite tight. This is suitable for slim men. If you are slim but have a beginning stomach, then the 'smart fit' already fails. Slim fit shirts are for slim men (gentle men) who like to dress themselves tight. Nowadays, slim fit shirts are also made of a little stretch (cotton with elastane), which makes a shirt still tighter around the waist and thus also moves handy. How do I know if a shirt is smart fit? You also recognize a slim fit shirt at the zoom, seams, at the back. With a slim fit shirt, there are always two backdarts, where the fabric is sewned to the tighter fit.
For the ladies blouses there are 3 fits: Anastasia and Racilia are 
slim fit 
with centrage and bustdarts. Racilia has ’Princes’ seams. Georgia is a loose fit with without centrage.

                   - Anastasia slim fit

                   - Georgia loose fit

                   - Racilla Princes slim fit

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