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The Italian shirt is manufactured with the finest yarns. Woven in Italy. Produced with 7 stitches per centimeter for a greater density and a more solid shirt. A

personalized Italian shirt

stands for unique and individual. During a visit to Italy, it’s almost impossible to avoid the term ‘Sartoria’: the local tailor is present. With Sartorial we aim to a particular style. It can be the behavior of a gentleman, or the way someone is wearing his shirt as a key component of his outfit: stylish or not?


is largely inspired by Scott Schuman, better known as ‘The Sartorialist’. As blogger, he posted photos of stylish men. Most often in shirts with fabrics from the best Italian weavers: “

the Sartorial shirts

”.The Italian fabrics come mainly from the beautiful region of Biella in Northern Italy, where the crystal clear water from the mountains is used to wash and treat the fabric. Also Naples, with roots of handcrafted tailoring inspires the
Sartorial Style
From the collection https://www.bivolino.com/en/mens-shirts-online/italian-2ply