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Stripe shirts for men - Italian Shirts

Gestreepte shirts en strepen heren blouses en overhemden
  Italian inspired

striped shirts

. Bivolino explores the lineage of the stripe through fashion history. Stripes are perhaps the only contender. The graphic and repetitive pattern, defined simply as a long, narrow band or strip differing in colour or texture from the surface on either side of it, is universal in its appeal. The

Breton stripe

, the nautical-inspired blue and white stripes synonymous with French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, holds the cachet of being considered a perennial wardrobe staple. Other luxury design houses, such as Missoni and Paul Smith, have put their own unique and colourful twist on stripes, creating patterns so entwined with their visual identity that many of us can recognise these brands without seeing their names. Stripes have the power to make a surface highly distinguishable, which when it comes to clothing, explains why the pattern wasn’t always held in such high regard. A black and white stripe was once the uniform of the detainee; once upon a time it was even a pattern which, incredulously, could have you killed.. Many of these striped shirts have as main color blue. Although you can find them in all different colors : Blue striped Italian shirt. Bengal Stripe Fabrics for Shirts A bengal stripe is a particular sort of striped dress shirt fabric, most often featuring an even 1/4? alternating stripe. It can either be a color and white or color and color stripe and sits on the bolder end of the stripe spectrum. Though not as wide, or as bold, as an
awning stripe
, the bengal stipe is probably the widest you’d want to consider for business wear. It has a distinct Wall Street vibe and is often paired with a contrast collar.

Bengal stripes

tend to look best when paired with a solid or patterned suit and tie. Bankers are known for their chalk striped suits wearing
pinstripe shirts.

Browse our collection of Men's pinstripe shirts at Bivolino. University Stripe Fabrics for Shirts A University Stripe is a very popular style of dress shirt fabric featuring alternating even stripes slightly under 1/8? in width. This is a timeless style that can easily be worn with a suit and tie in business settings. These stripes are almost always color and white, but occasionally you might see a color and color University Stripe. You can pair University Stripes with a solid, striped, or patterned suit and tie. If you’re wearing a striped suit or tie with a University Striped shirt, go for something with a larger stripe–two smaller stripes together can be a bit too busy.

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