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What is a dress shirt? What is a men’s shirt?

A dress shirt, buttoning down the front and typically having long sleeves with barrel or French cuffs, and a soft or starched collar, worn with a necktie. Compare sportshirt.

Origin of dress shirt.

A gents shirt is a piece of clothing worn, especially by men, on the upper part of the body, made of light cloth like cotton and usually having a collar and buttons at the front: a striped/white mens shirt. a short-/long-sleeved men’s shirt.

Stylish dress shirts for men
The perfect alternative to your favorite sweater: a shirt. It is a classic piece of clothing for men, but still always modern, because it is available in many styles and can be combined in many ways. Whether for business and leisure looks or as clubwear - men's shirts are a great fit for any occasion. Combine it super-chic to suit trousers or absolutely cool to chinos and jeans. Wear it over a T-Shirt, under a leather jacket or a sweatshirt or with casually rolled-up sleeves. With slim fit mens shirts and a stylish men's jeans you are not just styled top job. Also in the club you are guaranteed the looks of the ladies.

Men's shirts are available in different fabrics, colors and patterns. That's one thing they certainly are not: boring. The variety ranges from plain-colored models to strikingly patterned Hawaiian and plaid short-sleeved shirts for men to cool men's shirts with imprints. Casual denim shirts are always cool. Wear it in your all-over-jeans look to your favorite jeans or combine it with a pair of chinos in trendy colors.

Short-sleeved or checked mens shirts emphasize your sporty style and are the perfect companion to shorts and bermudas in summer. Text embroidery and prints as well as buttoned latches to turn the sleeves give the men's shirts casualness. Summer can come with a Hawaiian shirt: a must for relaxed days at the lake and barbecues with your buddies.

Buying mens shirts online?

Men’s Shirts are mostly formal dress shirt (worn to black tie/white tie events)

  • Features
  • Always white
  • Wing or peak collar
  • Pleated front shirt
  • Tail on bottom hem (made to be tucked)
  • French Cuffs. Sometimes barrel cuff
  • Front placket has holes for studs (usually 3 to 4)
Design men’s made to measure shirts online ?

Men's shirts are high on the list of essentials for men. The modern man must not only look good in a shirt at work, but also in his spare time. Leave the T-shirts and try a shirt. Due to the versatility of types of shirts, you avoid the boring (and formal) look.

Shirts come in all shapes and sizes. Especially species, since Bivolino Online not only has shirts with short and long sleeves, but also shirts with extra long sleeves for men with slightly longer arms. In a sense, our men's shirts are custom made for men who deviate from the standard dimensions.

Men's shirts
The men's shirts by Bivolino are stylishly designed and contemporary. The shirts are available from slim fit to regular fit. The slim-fit models have a large share in the diverse collection of Bivolino men. Most shirts from our collection can be worn both over the pants and in the pants.

Dress shirts
The dress shirts for men are characterized by a perfect finish and high quality of the materials used. The dress shirts can be worn in a classic manner, under a suit or casual-smart. For example in combination with a pair of jeans. Put together your own outfit and create a business look or a slightly sportier look.

Order men's shirts online
The men's shirts are easy to order online. You can also order matching jeans and a jacket right away, to complete your outfit. Pay easily and quickly via Paypal, iDeal or Creditcard.