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Let’s bring together

Fashion and Art

for a delicious subtle cocktail. Perhaps you know the painters Jan Lantinne, Gordon Hopkins and Mieke Vanmechelen, and graphist Cees Andriessen. Their paintings and artworks are processed into trendy shirts using digital fabric printing. Real-time rendering allows visualization in the 3D shirt configurator, allowing consumers process their own shirt creations. Revenue sharing features this innovative business model where artists and fashion entrepreneurs work together to bring new products into the market : ‘Arty Shirts’


Art in bespoke shirts
Bivolino Arty.
Bringing together ‘Art-in-Shirt’, and lifestyle paintings from the nature in which flowers explode, adds an extra dimension to the traditional Fashion Industry. Art in bespoke Fashion. The consumer purchases uniqueness, state-of-the-art artwork translated into an

unique shirt

. Each shirt is different. Available on cotton as well as polyester cotton and silk for accessories such as pocket squares and neckerchiefs.  

From the collection https://www.bivolino.com/en/mens-shirts-online/designer