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In the recent years, shirt trade distinguish between classic men’s shirt, dress shirt and leisure shirt or casual shirt. In addition we also have


, but trade usually take place through other channels. But today contemporary fashion makers and fashion lovers mix up these 2 styles: the classic white shirt goes with a jeans or is worn button-up without a tie. The borders between casual and classical are constantly changing. Mix up your

smart casuals

with our men's casual shirts.


.Whether you prefer a button down or a bowling shirt, our casual edit has you looking fresh all year round.
Oversized fits

are the cut of choice this year, too. We all love wearing casual shirts, right? A casual shirt is comfortable, easy to maintain and if you wear it right, it can help you enhance your look without many efforts. Honestly, we're not a huge fan of wearing suits every day. We love to keep our dressing simple, comfortable and casual. And casual shirts are perfect for this.

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