Casual shirts for men - Flannel Tartan

Casual overhemden voor heren

The sporty plain casual shirt or outdoor shirt

is an essential part of men’s wardrobe. Also inspired by American and Canadian
army shirts

Flannel , Buffalo and woodchopper checked fabrics

are popular. Flannel’s origin is Wales, where it was manufactured since the 17th Century.


Plaid Flannel checked shirts.


A casual shirt is a perfect balance between too casual and too formal. It's formal than a tee and casual than a blazer or jacket. Plus you can wear it in many different ways. Such as you can pair it with chinos, jeans and trousers. You can tuck them in when needed or keep them untucked when you are going out with friends, or shopping etc. We recommend having three casual shirts (One white, one navy & one black) in your Wardrobe . However, you can decide to pick any colour you like. The only thing you want to make sure is don't go for over busy prints and trendy designs.

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