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Made to Measure Shirts - Designer - 3D Shirt Configurator - Create your own!

Made to Measure Shirts


As Consumer online ordering made to measure shirts at Bivolino, you have 2ways to define your sizing profile. All new customers are requested to choose between Biometric AI Sizing or Shirt-Sizes with Biometric recommandations/predictions ( error-free measurements)

  • Choice 1: Biometric AI Sizing

  • Choice 2: Shirt-Sizes with Biometric recommandations

Choice 1: Biometric AI Sizing

This simplified measurement method “3 minutes” is based on mathematical algorithms ( An algorithm in mathematics is a procedure, a description of a set of steps that can be used to solve a mathematical computation) embedded in machine learning for AI (Artificial Intelligence). Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. In ML, there are different algorithms (e.g. neural networks) that help to solve our sizing challenges.

As consumer your following inputs are required: age, weight, height, collar size, fit and Morphology ( cupsize for women). Bivolino AI predicts your IBM ( individual body measurements: chest, waist, hips, sleevelenght, biceps….), integrates the %-alterations, generating a pattern-marker in the Cad-Cam backoffice application for single-ply cutting. Fabric consumption optimalisation reaches 98%, reducing considerably waste in the value chain.

BMI( body mass index) has a controlling AI function to adjust fit-% alterations in relation with chosen Morphology-type: no belly, heavy belly, overweight, obese……….

Choice 2: Shirt-Sizes with Biometric recommandations

This more extended method requires a 1off- “10 minutes” data-input by the new Bivolino customer. Input from the Biometric Data is also required, whereas shirt-size recommandations will guide you to measure 9 best fitting-shirt sizes. The Biometric data generating IBM ( Individual Body Measurements) with related Shirt-Measurements will guide slim,big and tall men and women, assisted with images, to measure their best-fitting-shirt. Required data are: half-chest/waist/hips circumference, sleeve-and back length, wrist and biceps circumference and shoulder width.

Choice 3: Changing to Shirt-Sizes

It’s also possible to switch from the simplified method to the more extended shirt-sizes, by creating a new sizing profile, in your account. Amendements and alterations can be easily done by you whilst updating the shirt-sizing-data in the account.