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Fully Tailored sizes - Tailor Corner - Bespoke Women shirts

Biometric Sizing Technology
Bust Bust                                                                                                       

Measured relaxed with the tape-measure 
horizontal around the most pronounced part of the bust (use a mirror). 

Underbust-band Underbust-band                                                         

Measured very tight under the breasts and horizontally on the back.

Waist Waist                                                                 

Measured on the smallest place on the body.

Hips Hips                                                                 

Stand upright with your feet nicely together.

Neck girth Neck girth                                                               

Measured the neck girth with the tape measure around the base of your neck.

Shoulder length Shoulder length                                                             

The lenght of the shoulder must be measured from the base of the collar to the joint of the shoulder.

The arm length The arm length                                                             

Measured between your shoulderjoint and wristjoint on a bented arm. Measured behind the bent elbow

Arm width/biceps Arm width/biceps                                                          

The arm width/biceps is measured on the most cpronounced part of the upper arm.

The wrist The wrist                                                         

Measured around the joint of the wrist.

Shirt length Shirt length                                                         

Measured from the middle od the base of the collar till the desired length.





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