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2017-09-19 09:32:38

Shirts for men, blouses for men ...... 

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Essential garment
But they talk about the same thing: that crucial garment 'shirts', of which 450 million are sold annually in Europe. Indeed a fashion item with a hate-love: always ironing, always restraining, folding every time, closing 12 buttons every morning ... and then closing that top button when a tie is worn, but fortunately the latter is no longer 'in' and now men prefer nice contrasts on board and cuffs. Contrasts or toppings in flower motifs are strongly loved by men for women. And also a subtle finish on the end of the cuffs: a piping processed with a Liberty Flowers pattern.

  The dutch people
But in terms of language, Dutch people go even further and dare more: a shirt is sometimes also called a blouse, no not a blouse, as this is what the flemish call a shirt for ladies. So complicated that 'google' search crashes. And where does the word 'shirt' comes from, is this a small shirt for children, or is this the shirt worn under the shirt? Indeed the Dutch still wear white bodysuits, now called t-shirts. These t-shirts, usually with a V-neck, are ideal for the man who wears the shirt with the top button open. In this way the t-Shirt is not visible.

What a grandfather word, a piece of underwear with or without sleeves that is worn to keep the upper body warm or absorb perspiration.
Collars : what do the Belgians write, what the Dutch ?
Tie: what do the Belgians write, what the Dutch ?
Bow tie: what do the Belgians write, what the Dutch ?
Nuanced answers will follow later in another article.

With a collar the upper upright part of a shirt is meant. Collars are available in many different types that are used for all kinds of occasions.
A tie or plastron is a tie that is tied around the neck (collar) of a men's shirt and is usually made of silk . Ties are traditionally worn by men over a shirt . The collar of the shirt normally covers the part of the tie that is tied around the neck. A tie is also called a plastron.  

mannequin bivolino


Bow ties were introduced in France around 1650 and were mainly worn by aristocrats on formal occasions. In the beginning the colors were white and slightly later brown and green. Only much later, black became a common color where black was rather unusual. Collections Bow ties for men can be found online today.  

 Shirts for men play a key role for the business outfit. Indeed, nine from ten men wear shirts at work. On a business trip without a pair of shirts? And 8% dream of having their shirts made to measure, specially tailored for them, on their body shape, with a well-thought cut. Slim fit, regular fit, loose fit: choice to spare.

 Men know what they want: “ I always wear my shirts with a breast pocket, I always wear a cutaway collar, I always wear shirts with double cuffs and cufflinks, nice classic and luxurious look, I always wear extra long sleeves, I want a monogram, I only wear exclusive business fabrics, I want slim fit luxury shirts, I would like to design my shirts myself, I wear Italian shirts.” And you, what do you always wear?

Men also know what they do not want: "I never wear white collar and cuffs, I never wear pink shirts, I never wear button-down collars, I never wear removable bones, I never wear contrast in collars and cuffs." And you, what do you never wear? 

Take a look at for inspiration. Yes, everything for men's fashion can be found on the internet. You can find a wide selection of shirts online

Indeed, I am a shirtlover, are you? And am I Belgian or Dutch? 

Michel Byvoet