Rollup Shirt Sleeves

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Shirts sleeves in this respect, based on different models, can be rolled up in various ways:

1. Simply with long sleeves, cuffs neatly with button (s) closed, possibly also the smaller sleeve house button.
2. With long sleeves, cuffs folded, ......... because the sleeves are too long.
3. With long sleeves, cuffs folded, ....... to show contrast micro designs or flower print?
4. Long sleeve, button sleeve sleeve closed and cuff at the beginning of the sleeve folded open halfway (without closing the cuff button (s).
5. With long sleeve, cuff rolled up to short or half short sleeve.
6. Long sleeve with different wrist circumference widths for the watch, cuffs tightly knotted
7. Long sleeve, including roll-up cuff with tie-in button and loop.
8. With short sleeves .... stark to biceps ..high and short..from slim fit shirts.
9. With short sleeves ....... loosely to biceps .... classic and why not with tie?
10. Short sleeve with chest pocket ... without chest pocket?

Do you have a shirt with short sleeves, then you must be careful. You can possibly curl your sleeves a little, but not too much. Make sure the sleeve is in line with the rest of the shirt. Short sleeves are sometimes a bit drowsy and can give you a feminine look. That is not what you want to achieve as a man.

Scenario: You have to refurbish a dirty job.
1. Loosen the button on your cuff. (Make sure that, as with the other ways of rolling up your sleeves, you also release the other button, which is intended to close the split when you wear the shirt with the sleeves down.)
2. Fold the sleeve starting at the cuff seam (more or less), but do not be too picky.
3. Fold it another two or three times and end at or just above the elbow. (Note: With this method of rolling up the sleeve becomes tighter and put the excess fabric in so that the sleeve stays well rolled up).

Shirts often have a vertical opening at the sleeves, just above each cuff and concealed under a button frame, so that the sleeves can be rolled up. There is a special button that is intended to close this opening (in other words if you just wear the shirt down with the sleeves).

Scenario: Your work day is over. It's time for Happy Hour.
Note: With this method you fold your sleeves less often, making the fabric less wrinkled.
1. Turn your sleeve inside out at the cuff and double once at the cuff seam.
2. You will probably find folding twice enough. Finish just under the elbow for a refined look. Put any remaining fabric in the folded sleeve so that it looks neat.

Scenario: Outside it's warm and you want to cool down without ruining your stylish look.
1. Fold the cuff in once, so that the sleeve is turned inside out, all the way to just below the elbow.
2. Fold it half again from the bottom.
3. After a few adjustments, it is a tighter, more symmetrical way to roll up your sleeves, with almost no wrinkling.

With a stretchy, elastic shirt you can pull the sleeve all the way to your upper arm.
There are a kind of bracelets that can hold up your sleeves.
You can roll up your sleeves with one hand if you already have your shirt on, but it's easier to do it before you put on your shirt.
If your sleeves are too long, you can also shorten them, or have them done at a tailor.



Roll up sleeves: the 3 ways
video roll up sleeves
• Roll up shirt sleeves in a classic manner (the basic Sleeve Fold)
• Roll up shirt sleeves with the cuff on the forearm (the master sleeve Roll)
• Roll up shirt sleeves with the cuff stylish on the elbow (the AIFA Roll)
Are your sleeves too long? Do you just want to look a bit more casual? Roll them up! Here are three styles that you can quickly master: roll up in a classic way, with the cuff on the forearm or with the cuff stylishly on the elbow.

Roll up shirt sleeves in a classic way
1. Loosen your cuff. Take out your cufflinks and release the button.
2. Start rolling up. Roll the collar so that the fold is on the seam. If the shirt does not have a separate cuff, fold the end of the sleeve about 5 to 7 cm.
3. Continue rolling up. Fold the sleeve again, rolling around the first stroke. Repeat as often as you want. Folding several times or rolling further than the elbow keeps it better.
4. If necessary, secure the sleeve. Most shirts are made of a fabric that stays in place, but if you have a shirt made of silk or other smooth material, you can fasten it with a safety pin. Make sure to do the pin on the inside where you do not see it.

Roll up Shirt Sleeves with the cuff on the forearm
1. Release the button of your cuff. If you wear cufflinks, then do them.
2.Refresh the cuff. Save it so that you see the inside of the fabric. The fold should be exactly at the location of the seam.
3.Fold again. Fold the cuff again. Make sure that you fold it twice as many times so that it looks neat.
4.Stop the corners. Check the cuff to make sure that the corners are nicely tucked in so that it stays in place. If you have a shirt made of smooth material, secure it with a safety pin. Repeat with the other sleeve.
-This kind of rolled up sleeves is nice if you wear a sweater over your shirt. Roll up the sleeves of your sweater a little before you start and then pull it so that the ends fall just above the cuffs.
-This kind of rolled up sleeves is excellent with a shirt that can not be wrinkled by rolling it completely past your elbow.

Roll up shirt sleeves with the cuff stylish on the elbow
1. Release the buttons of your cuff and remove cufflinks. If you wear a sweater over your shirt, you must also take it off, otherwise the roll up will not work.
2. Turn the sleeve inside out. Instead of folding on the seam, pull the edge of your cuff all the way down to your elbow. Your sleeve is now inside out.
3. Roll the bottom of the sleeve. Pull the bottom of the sleeve with your fingers to the bottom of your cuff.
4. Leave some of the cuff visible or cover it completely. It is now fashionable to have the tip of the cuff over the fold, especially if you have a shirt with contrasting color cuffs. You can also choose to completely cover the cuff; then pull the sleeve completely over the cuff.


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