Short Sleeves Shirts

2017-09-19 09:00:23


hemd korte mouw

United Kingdom, summer time. For those who want to get a decent fit for the day with the warm weather, the shirt looks like a short-sleeved shirt. But in the UK there is still a taboo on such shirts. Is a shirt with short sleeves a good idea?

It depends on where you are, who you are and how you put together. The shirt you wear says a lot about you! If you have the choice, do you always opt for a shirt with a short sleeve? Then you are a real approacher. Instead of rolling up the sleeves, you would prefer to purchase a shirt with short sleeves. That works so enjoyable and offers you all the comfort and freedom of movement.

In many tropical countries, short sleeves are the standard and make clear with rolled up long sleeves that you are an inadequate stranger. There are even trade fair floors where the short sleeve is actually 'done'. During a trip in Hawaii, all taxi drivers wore neckties with short sleeve shirts. In Tenerife they all wear short sleeve shirts in cotton-polyester, nice and fresh? In Milan, the taxi drivers wear Armani-style shirts, tight-fitting, sober in gray tones. Class luxury shirts that honor Milano as a fashion city. The alderman insists on wearing top designer shirts, a stylish short sleeve shirt as "uniform"! Work clothes, yes, but class.

The world has become smaller, but dress behavior is still very different from one culture to another. Tips & tricks to wear a shirt with short sleeves correctly:
On warmer days we free ourselves as much as possible of unnecessary dust. But do you want to exchange long sleeves shirts for a short-sleeved shirt? Be sure to read these tips and tricks first, because short sleeves are not stylish when worn incorrectly. If you choose the right shirt and follow these simple style rules, you can not go wrong:
• Do not get too scary: you might have the body to get away with a slim or super slim fit, for your shirts in short sleeves do not really have such a tight fit. It is sufficient if the hem of the shoulders is just above or above the shoulder line, the neck has enough space to move comfortably and the shirt does not tighten at chest height when you stretch your arms. The sleeves may, however, be fairly tight around the arms.
• Choose the color that suits you: no risks here, the same color nuances that suit you when you buy a shirt with long sleeves you should also stand well in short sleeves. Just the basic rules: choose a light color if you have a darker skin type, rather go for a dark color if you yourself are pretty pale. Just remember that with a shirt with short sleeves you also have to create a kind of contrast with your arms. Therefore, do not choose a copy in a color that is close to your skin color.
• Dessins on a shirt short sleeve? it is slightly less common than on a shirt with long sleeves but you will also find many shirts with short sleeves and a printed pattern. Such a pattern may even be striking and possibly playful if you are planning to wear the shirt for leisure activities. Do you need a shirt with short sleeves for your work than you keep it better with a single copy or at most one with a very discreet pattern, the short sleeves are already 'daring' enough in most offices.
• Go for all-over-print. Hawaii, flamingos, paisleys, flowers, fruit or jungle. You can get a somewhat rougher look by wearing a chambray shirt. The advantage is that denim fabric fits everywhere. Jeans denim is allowed, even black on blue. Do you want a summery beach look? Go for a linen shirt with short sleeves. Linen creases but that is allowed, it is part of it. Neutral colors such as white, sand or light blue do well.
• The details are in the collar: the most difficult thing when selecting a shirt with short sleeves is the collar. Do you choose a point collar or a button down? Button downs are easier and they adapt well to all kinds of styles or occasions. For more formal occasions you can wear a tie, with relaxed leisure facilities you may prefer to let go of the knot. If you prefer to choose a point collar, you can not help but close the top button. If you let go, the collar usually curls and that gives a little stylish impression, especially in combination with the short sleeves. Occasionally, however, you will find shirts with a pointed collar that does not curl when you release it, so in that case it is possible.
• Choose a shirt that suits your body and outfit: a shirt with short sleeves may have to fit your body shape better than a shirt with long sleeves. Because you expose your arms, people automatically pay more attention to your figure and so it is important to choose a fit that fits your body without being too tight. But you also have to extend that line to the rest of your outfit otherwise a confusing impression is created. So choose a pair of pants in the same balanced fit as your short-sleeved shirt, not too tight but well-fitting.

The Style feeling for short sleeve shirts

Anyway, with heat waves in our country a lot of sense of style also melts. And well, it's only a few days before the weather turns again. Are you the gentleman who likes to show his arms full of tattoos and shows off bracelets and a slightly too much timepiece? Ho, why would you limit your pompousness, instead of a short sleeved shirt, wear such a nice tight singlet, then your shoulders will come into their own again.

What to look out for if you buy a shirt with a short sleeve?
• Provide a slim fit model. The shirt must be connected to your body, without pinching when you bend.
• Make sure the sleeves are not too long and not too wide. They therefore fall on you - to a greater or lesser extent - biceps. Optionally you can roll up the sleeve once.

Jacket, blazer ............ and short sleeve shirts, how do you solve this? Are you the man who - not unfairly - believes that a true gentleman in a jacket shows his sense of style? In real business moments - no matter how hot - you never show up in short sleeves (short or long). And especially if there is any goodwill (think of heavy politicians in white, wet and semi-transparent shirts without ties - they make a disruptive impression). But if the cardigan is allowed off and the tie is off, coiled sleeves usually make a somewhat tougher impression and do not deliver the weird effect of too thin arms out of wide, short sleeves.
And do you keep it short, rather a good linen shirt in high summer that creases sophisticated, then flat polyester short sleeve shirt that looks extra-bald and orphaned without a tie. And then for all the rare Robert De Niro among you who put together in such a way that your physical and sex appeal totally overlooks any sleeve length. Please, stay inside! You provide too much visual competition in this heat.

A shirt with short sleeves is thus completely 'hip' again. Fun on the terrace or a summer party. Just as important to mention: we mean the shirt with short sleeves that you wear casual. So with soft collar, in nice colors and prints.

Business shirts with short sleeves, especially with necktie, we still find a real challenge!