CASTEL GIORGIO - poplin purple stripes men shirt - ORIS 2-THOMAS MASON

Category : Luxury
Vendor : Giovanni Votano - Gi'o


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Since 1872 the Italian company Albini manufactures top quality fabrics with an unique design, under the brand Thomas Mason

For example the Piumino 100/120 series from Albini is made of the finest Egyptian Cotton of the type Giza87, distinguished by the long fibers, durability and finesse. For the best fabrics Giza45 and Giza87 are used, these are the best cottons from Egypt. The many years of expertise in the area of cotton in combination with state-of-the-art makes it possible for Albini to weave those precious fibres to the most beautiful light-weight fabrics. The fabrics make the wearer feel as ‘wrapped’ by luxury. The Giza is the best Egyptian cotton that is used as raw material. This cotton comes from the plantations near by the Nile in Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt.

The Albini Group uses this cotton for their showpiece “Thomas Mason”. The more frequent the shirts are washed, the softer the fabric, but strength and color retain.  

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