CASTEL VISCARDO - Blue linen men shirt NEHRU collar - SERA 2

Category : Weekend
Vendor : Geoffry Nijsmans

129£limited editions

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Linen is a wonderful, light fabric. Linen shirts are popular in the summer and ideal for warmer weather.

The linen fabric is made from flax. Linen is a silky soft material with a strong personality. Linen is elegant, refined and even a little rustic. But with color tones, linen can also look classic or sporty, depending on the fashion trends. From the traditional natural sand colors of the most pristine beaches, to the warm spicy African colors that are vibrant, brilliant and quirky. Linen is known for so much. The creasability, the ventilating properties, the soft fabric and the environmental friendliness. But besides that, linen has a very interesting background, development and process.

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