CATANIA - twill white men shirt - RIBU 1-THOMAS MASON

Category : Luxury
Vendor : Tony Carbe


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These Thomas Mason fabrics are created with the most precious cotton, Egyptian Giza 87, which is cultivated in the particular climatic
conditions in the fertile region of the Nile delta. 

The fibre of the Giza 87 presents extraordinary and unique characteristics, the staple length is notably long (36mm with a uniformity index of 87.3%) with good elongation and strength equal to 44.60 g/tex. Thomas Mason exalts the characteristics of Giza 87, creating fabrics which do not in any way degrade over time. On the contrary, through numerous washes, the softness further increases, and the freshness of the material and its original brightness is absolutely maintained.

The degree of brilliance of Giza 87, equal to an Rd of 74.8, is amongst the highest of all the Extra Long Staple Egyptian cottons, and guarantees a particular luminosity to the fabric. The production process, from the cotton picking to the weaving, guarantees the elimination of potential contaminations which are always present in the raw material.

To further improve the quality of the harvest Thomas Mason operates an initial human control of the first cotton flocks directly at our cotton fields in Egypt. Then using an avant-garde technology during the spinning process: the cotton is passed in front of a precision camera to identify any fibre impurity, which is immediately eliminated by a powerful jet of air, in conjunction with yarn cleaning
during the spooling.

The result is an absolutely bright fabric, soft and silky; a unique sensation that can be experienced every day when putting on a shirt made from the Giza 87 of Thomas Mason.

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