Mens' Shirt in Millefleurs

Millefleurmillefleurs or mille-fleur (French mille-fleurs, literally "thousand flowers") refers to a background style of many different small flowers and plants, usually shown on a green ground, as though growing in grass. It is essentially restricted to European tapestry during the late Middle Ages and Early Renaissance, from about 1400 to 1550, but mainly about 1480–1520. The style had a notable revival by Morris & Co in 19th century England, being used on original tapestry designs, as well as illustrations from his Kelmscott Press publications.

The millefleur style differs from many other styles of floral decoration, such as the arabesque, in that many different sorts of individual plants are shown, and there is no regular pattern.

CUNEO - print microdessin millefleurs skyblue cotton men shirt - MANIO 4

Ref. : CUNEO
Category : Smart Casual
Vendor : VINC

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Mens' Shirt in Millefleurs


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