Men's shirt with Mille-fleurs pattern.

Millefleur, millefleurs or mille-fleur (literally "a thousand flowers") refers to a style of many small flowers and plants, usually shown against a green background, as if growing in grass. It was mainly limited to European tapestry at the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance around 1480-1520. The style saw a notable revival by Morris & Co in 19th century England, being used on original tapestry designs, as well as illustrations from his Kelmscott press publications. The style of millefleur is today printed on fabrics for the manufacture of clothing.

LIVORNO - print microdessin millefleurs navy cotton tailored men shirt - MANIO 2

Category : Smart Casual
Vendor : Tommaso Cosco

109£limited editions

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Men's shirt with Mille-fleurs pattern.


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