What is a turquoise shirt?

Turquoise is the name for colors that correspond to the color of the mineral turquoise. The color is approximately blue-green. The color was used by the Dutch Railways as a standard color for fast passenger trains in the 1950s.

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Without color, life would be boring. That is how it is with clothing. White, black and blue are perhaps the most popular colors when it comes to clothing, but of course it is nice if you can also vary. Our non-iron shirt collections therefore consist of many different colors. Turquoise shirt is one of them. Turquoise shirts can be ordered online. It is bright in the summer, but the darker colors turquois shirts e are also a nice addition to your wardrobe in the gloomy months. These colors change depending on the fashion season. The colors and motifs from our collection are continuously adapted to the latest trends in fashion.

PADOVAA - turquoise poplin mix cot-pes tailored men shirt - Brise 3

Category : Cot-Pes Easy-Care
Vendor : Yasin Tarabia

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TURQUOISE SHIRTS - Turquoise Shirt

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