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Wide for a casual style or rather thin for a more chic and conventional style, checks and stripes can be worn for any occasion. For a casual style, the checkered shirt is making a comeback with a very trendy vintage style whether it is available in multicolored or combined with harmonious colors. These type of Windowpane checks are also used to give a chic look to the shirt. In a more conventional and dressy style, micro checks make their appearance in more discreet but equally present shades.

PISTOIA - twill navy windowpane check tailored men shirt - SAND 2

Category : Formal - Dress 2Fold
Vendor : Vito Deluca


You can customize your shirt entirely, or buy it directly..


Italian shirt with gingham check patterns in all colors and sizes: square checks, large and small diagonal checks, checkerboard checks and striped micro checks.

Colors mixed in warp and weft.

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