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The flannel shirt looks set to become a staple for the fall wardrobe, with a look that rarely fails. Flannel shirts are an essential utility
garment, with new details and sustainable updates to make it hip for the upcoming winter season.
Comfortable clothing and everything retro remains an important item in every wardrobe. Details such as two chest pockets - traditionally with flap or button for this all-rounder.
Worn oversized, flannel shirts look great with knitwear or casually paired with a t-shirt and classic denim.

Traditionally known as the lumberjack shirt, flannel is multifunctional, offering warmth, comfort and a dose of fashion.

According to the Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers, flannel was originally made from carded wool or worsted wool.
Carding is a process in which the wool fibers are broken so that they are more or less parallel to each other.

Modern flannel shirts are usually made of cotton. Flannel dates back to 17th century Wales where farmers wore flannel shirts to arm themselves
against changeable weather. This tradition would be continued for other workers as flannel became more popular.
The word "flannel" probably comes from the Welsh word gwlanen, which means "wool article".

“The universal appeal of something as familiar as a flannel shirt comes down to the quality of the fabric, usually made from woven wool.
Like a favorite pair of jeans, a flannel shirt can withstand years of wear."

Despite flannel's British origins, American designers have adopted the rugged yet soft look embraced by hip-hop artists, surfers and
even ranchers, perfected. The softness is achieved through a process called napping. However, the cool factor depends on the shirt wearer.

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