Winchester Shirt - white collar and cuffs.  

A slightly more edgy shirt may not be missing in your dressing. A timeless plain light blue shirt with white collar and cuffs, made of soft cotton. Love your basics. The classic shirt with a special ‘shiny’ touch. Such a shirt is cool and gives the look you want at your work. There are men who only wear white collars and cuffs business shirts.

Nothing says power dressing like white collar shirts . But more than power-dressing, white collar shirts in their formality and stylishness, are an elegant nod to a bygone ‘polite’ era. Forget those nay-sayers who say that white collar shirts are a relic of 1980s excess and Gordon Gekko; the truth is, if you have confidence, cultivated taste and natural ease, then you can carry it off with aplomb.

The history of white collar shirts has much less to do with alpha male executives and much more to do with limited resources. In 1820, white collar shirts were born. A New York housewife with a fastidious blacksmith for a husband, decided that she was tired of the daily drudgery of washing her husbands shirts. So, being resourceful, she decided to cut off the collar and cuffs, bind the edges and neckbands and attach strings to hold the collar and cuff in place. Voila! Suddenly she could detach the white collar and cuffs to wash them separately. It wasn’t long before detachable white collars and cuffs found their way onto coloured and patterned shirts, creating the look now often referred to as the ‘banker collar’ .

White Contrast Collars – Are Contrast Collars proper for a Business Work setting ? White contrasting collars; appropriate for the workplace?

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Winchester Shirt - white collar and cuffs

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