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Customized shirt
Many men think that a shirt is worn loosely, so that customization is unnecessary. A misunderstanding. Especially with the shirt, every millimeter is important. And not only at the edge. Almost every man is different. An experienced tailor corrects unevenness in the shoulder part and ensures that a cuff gives a subtle edge under the shirt when handshaking. No bad word about the Hawaiian shirt, the floral motif or the Mao collar, but they do not play in the premier division of the better shirts.
Thus, choose customized shirts! Good tailored shirts meet other criteria and, like the tailor-made suit, can be identified at a glance. Not what it is, but especially what it is not. So, no fantasy motifs, no breast pocket, no slack cuffs and no short sleeves, unless the wearer is behind the desk at McDonald's or working as a gynecologist. Glasses, ballpoints, handsets - some men cram up too much useless things in the breast pocket.

The better shirt
What characterizes the better tailor shirt? First of all, there is no cutback on the quality of the cotton used and the shirt is at least partially finished by hand. Lovers of the better shirt therefore rarely recoil for a price that fluctuates around 150 euros.
For those who give priority to comfortable opulence, such amounts are no obstacle. Shirts with such prizes are cut so that the front and back can touch each other. On the sides are large rounded inlets to provide space for the thighs. The Bivolino shirt with Thomas Mason fabric, which is popular among junior financiers, has a fabric triangle on it.
Often, shirts are also supplied with cuffs with removable bones . Stiffeners are thin plastic or PVC strips for the edge of your shirt. They used to be made of bone.
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Tailor-made shirts


A clothing detail that should not be underestimated lies in the buttons. These are not plastic, but mother-of-pearl. British tailors confirm them crosswise on the fabric, a technique that can only be carried out by hand. A good knot is set so that it is not hanging but a few millimeters is facing forward. In addition to the front buttons, there is an extra button on the forearm that conceals the full view of white flesh. Just like all handicraft products, a tailored shirt looks handmade.
The ignorant tempts that to smiles about the dressing budget. A larger complement is hardly imaginable, because where cheap shirts hang around the wearer's clothes, a good cut on the back and the shoulder of the shirt pulls away a surplus of cotton. Such a shirt is uneven as the body of an Aston Martin. And that's nice.
Another essential difference between rushing and lovingly created shirts is the seat and the cut of the collar. Quality pinches, but grabs like a soft mitt around the neck. Also the necks floating often above the sternum are out of the question. A board is held in place without needles by battens. Once they were of whale bone, but now plastic is the rigor. Edlemetal is also allowed, the bones remains an invisible accessory .
All other frills are taboo. Definitely with an eye-catching monogram one unmasks itself as the ignorant prey of the Hong Kong Tailor. Only vain criminals have arguments to have their initials embroidered: after a settlement in 'the environment' it facilitates the identification. Americans often misuse the breast pocket to sew their initials. A very showy proof of an acute identity problem. After all, apart from the laundry, someone needs to know who the shirt belongs to. The better pocket shirt does it without monograms and chest pocket. Anyone who wants to carry away useless things uses a suitcase or, if necessary, an inside pocket.

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Made to Measure shirts
Handmade tailored shirts are recognizable by folds on the shoulder blades and the cuffs. A wrist is narrower than an upper arm - so the tailor folds away a cotton surplus. The tailor will always inform on which wrist the watch is worn so that the cuff can be cut slightly wider.
Whoever has experienced such great pleasures once, a shirt is a second skin, goes for, as the English call it, Bespoke! Jermyn Street is the center of the bespoke dress shirts. Among the 200 shirts that Charles buys every year, there are quite a few of his grandfather named Prince of Wales-collar.