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Luxury shirt in David and John Anderson fabric

Anderson & Lawrie, cotton manufacturers, was founded in 1822 and taken over in 1839 by brothers David and John Anderson. The Atlantic Mill was built in 1864 in Bridgeton, Glasgow. D & J Anderson expanded in the early 20th century, becoming a private limited company in 1911. Atlantic Mills was a major employer in the East End with 700 looms. The firm concentrated on the manufacture of high-quality dress fabrics with short production runs. Their shirts, in particular, acquired a strong reputation at the top end of the market. Light, natural, pleasing to the touch and refined in their designs: they are the features of David & John Anderson fabrics. The Fabrics by David & John Anderson are the face of the highest quality. Behind the DJA quality is a strong company that for generations has sought to combine traditional craftsmanship and excellent attention to detail, with the complexities of an industrial production process.

Only starting from the selection of the best raw materials it is possible to create the most precious fabrics. The cotton in DJA collection are made with the finest yarns of Barbados grown handpicked Sea Island cotton which is considered to be the finest available Sea Island cotton. Only 70 bales of Barbados Sea Island Cotton is produced per year, and 100% of this Barbados production goes exclusively to the prestigious David & John Anderson mill in Italy.

The use of the finest raw materials, combined with centuries of experience, are the cornerstone of the DJA guarantee of the finest quality, allowing to create superfine fabrics, such as the Diamond collection, with Cullinan 300/2, Great Mogul 300/3, Millennium Star 330/3 and Golden Jubilee 330/4.

FERRARA - DAVID and JOHN ANDERSON from ALBINI twill twofold white men shirt - ZAMBO 1

Category : Sartoriale and Evening - Gala and Wedding
Vendor : Andrea Bonaccorso


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Luxury shirt in David and John Anderson fabric


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