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Houndstooth, Dogtooth Pattern and Pepita Pattern: It's a classic in the fashion world, but also a classy touch to just about any style of interior design. Houndstoothis a checked pattern with somewhat abstract, irregular points on the corners of the squares. If you're imaginative, the design looks something like a dog's teeth. Generally, houndstooth is black and white or another combination of neutral colors. Try it in your contemporary or eclectic room. Dogtooth Shirt or Houndstooth Shirt.

The houndstooth pattern has a similar pattern  featured in the Shepherd's check and Glen plaid. The checks that make up the houndstooth are broken/uneven and pointy-shaped (like a hound's tooth). The houndstooth pattern is traditionally black and white but can be found in a variety of colors and on a variety of garments and accessories nowadays. 

Houndstooth shirt -  Dogtooth Pattern

MODENA - Dobby twofold Houndstooth tailored men shirt - RIGOR 3

Category : Italian 2Ply
Vendor : Lorefice Carmelo


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